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Monday, November 20, 2017


Perhaps, you are wondering if this book or my others are for your child. I don’t know. My books aren’t porn (though Dead Mouths does reference sexual situations), they don’t promote drug use (though they feature drug use as a bad thing, which happens prominently throughout), they are violent (though not gory – much just happens and isn’t described in detail), they do include profanity (only Dead Mouths uses the F bomb; otherwise, I seek to avoid the big bad ones), they feature characters from all backgrounds (good, bad, indifferent, helpful, hurtful, ethical, and hateful), they are concerned with eradicating evil (Satanic demons and the like) while using Special Forces, paranormal, and supernatural means, there are references to societal taboos through historical and anthropological accounts (cannibalism, though it was something that happened – not something described - and it is based artistically on actual scientific accounts) and these books reference cryptids, ghosts, aliens, and demons like they’re dogs, squirrels, cardinals, and flies.

For those people reading this, note that I don’t like the gore porn (the really extreme bloody stuff that all but encourages people to root for the evil knife-wielding killer). Nevertheless, as with Dead Mouths, there is one very vicious murder in The Rules of the Game. It’s not how it’s described, since it’s more about the fact that it happens than describing intricate details of what happens (I don't do that). I won’t spoil the suspense for those people who aren't put off, but this kind of thing takes place in real life, too, though it doesn’t make the news very much. The link to a Reuters article that mentions a UN Committee on the Rights of the Child report is at the end.

Also, in my works, I create fictional conspiracies alongside real events (i.e. Fallujah 2004 and Benghazi), which some might take offense to. I do these not to traffic in conspiracy (many conspiracies traffic in extreme paranoia and hate, which really bothers me), but to give a historical place for FICTIONAL events to transpire (much as I do with the already existing conspiracy of things like Truman, Eisenhower, and Majestic 12. 

I do this solely as fiction and artistic expression. 

If truth be told, I do like the alien theories as science fiction, but I would really like it more if they direct people to the real events to create unbiased historical accounts.

However, I would say the biggest issue for a younger child (under 14) is the reading commitment. My books are thick and feature tons of characters. If your kid watches Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead or reads a book like It (or most any King horror), there’s no issue here with me going further to harm their sensibilities. For all of the paranormal worlds, I wouldn’t describe this as science fiction or horror. For many young guys, there is plenty of action, which would entice many teens to read this, but there are also lengthy backstories that require commitment. 

Additionally, there are also many links to historical realities in my books. I see that as a good thing, but I do see the sheer weight of the series as something for a serious reader who can comprehend connections that don’t always come back until many chapters later (King does that, too, in his best work The Stand, by the way). Having never read Harry Potter, I can't say what J.K. does or doesn't do, but I would like to hope that people of all ages would be enticed to read through it excitedly. That said, isn't that every author's dream?

So is this book for your kid? Read the sample chapters at this site and see. I’d rather you take in the real before feeling I just made a quick $1-2 on you after you bought and got stuck with something that isn't you or them (by the way, that’s what I’m making per book with the lower prices I choose to charge).

Thanks all the same for considering this purchase!

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