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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


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Roaming his way through the cities, deserts, and archaeology sites of the Middle East, Nafis Salib worked hard to become a playboy smuggler in the relics business. Through his ruthless and conniving ways, he accumulated more money than he knew what to do with. However, when a mysterious archaeologist offers him the mission of a lifetime for even more money, he jumps straight into it by boarding a cargo vessel with a boatload of terrorists and thieves with concealed and secretive purposes to transfer items from an ancient pagan cult to wealthy buyers. Nevertheless, as the voyage sets sail, the cursed treasures of the past won’t prove to be nearly as dangerous as the men who are waiting for this mission’s completion.
Only one group has the power to stop them. The American Special Forces unit S1, which fights the worst villains in the world and the cryptids, ghosts, and aliens that accompany them, is ready at a moment’s notice to settle the score on all things beyond top secret.
Many great men and women make up this group, but for this mission, Colin Jameson is the wild card in GSGT Anthony Williams’ six-man crew that Colonel Bart Doherty sent to eliminate the cargo boat bound for New Orleans.
Growing up in suburban America, Jameson was an unassuming ten-year old kid until three things changed his life. The first of these was the game of football, which gave purpose and direction to his life. The second was his uncle Bart Doherty, who helped him begin his journey into the military by helping him with outdoor skills, work ethic, and leadership. The final influence was his friendship with Billy Jacobs, who has just been captured by terrorists prior to the mission to save the relics. Now, Billy is on the boat as well, a prisoner waiting to be rescued by Colin and his team.
Also involved in this mission is Liam Collingsworth. In England, he was spending his days monitoring drug enforcement operations from his desk when he received an out of the blue opportunity to travel to America, where he worked a field operation with Doherty and his fellow troops to confiscate a drug shipment and to arrest the perpetrators. After the mission, his whole life changes, and now, he, too, has been drawn into the gunfire in the Gulf of Mexico.
Along the way, all of these men’s lives are dramatically affected by the presence of the wendigo, a bloodthirsty creature from the northern-most woods of America. Its past appearances give way to present sensations and warnings of its future reappearance in their lives.
Will the S1 crew be able to save the day from these terrorists and their larger plans of devastation? Somewhere in a world of treachery and evil, there is hope. However, there is also a darkness emerging in the world and the dreams of many other men and women who are being called by a more mysterious fate and / or a drug called Our Lady of Guadalupe to go to a place outside of Blanding, Utah, called Blackrock Canyon. Soon, this mysterious ghost world will come to life unless some force for good can halt the engines of a journey into evil.
Read the book now to witness the events of the third book in the Blackrock Canyon series!

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